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Choosing the best garden hose

Choosing the best garden hose depends entirely on your watering needs – if you are starting out the Flopro Hose is an excellent choice. It is a multi-purpose hose for general watering with 3 layers providing quality and flexibility. Flopro hoses come with a 10 year guarantee and come in 2 sizes: 15m and 30m, as well as a 15m starter set with connectors.

The Flopro+ Hose is the next step up; it can take even more pressure yet remains supple and flexible. This hose range contains 4 layers & can be used for any watering task – it is more resistant to kinks and twists, and comes in 3 sizes: 15m, 30m and 50m.

Flopro Elite is the ultimate in hose performance. This range has 6 layers with TricotTM reinforced ATS mesh, making it anti-kink, anti-twist and crush proof. The Elite hose is also scratch and cut resistant, and comes in 2 sizes: 15m and 30m.

All Flopro hose ranges are extremely durable, flexible, UV resistant and algae resistant, and can be used with any major watering brand connectors and accessories.

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