Can I use Flopro products with other brands I have at home?

Yes, all of the Flopro range can be used with any major watering brand products – they are universal fittings.

What size connector do I need?

The UK standard connector size is 12.5mm ½”. All Flopro connectors come in this size.

Flopro tap connectors come in a variety of sizes to suit various taps, from mixer, to threaded and outdoor.

For our full range of tap connectors please click here.

My connector keeps popping off the hose – what do I do?

Please first ensure the hose connector is securely fitted to each end of the hose. Flopro connectors have long grippers, which extend further in the form of super grip in the Flopro+ range, to ensure this should not happen.

How do I register my product for the guarantee?

Please complete this form.

Can I leave my hose and/or hose reel outside during the winter?

We advise taking all watering equipment indoors when not in use. All our wall mounted products are easy to remove from the wall if you would like to do so.

Why is there no water coming out of my hose?

Please check that you have a Nozzle, Spray Gun or Sprinkler attached to the Water Stop Connector. Without an accessory no water will come out of this connector.


Why does my spray gun leak slightly from the rose when I change spray patterns?

Please don’t be concerned by this, it is only a temporary outflow while excess water drains from the spray gun’s head when changing through spray patterns, as not all spray patterns require a full head of water.

My oscillating sprinkler worked OK when I bought it last year but this year it keeps stopping. What is causing this?

The most likely cause is limescale, which can build up inside if water remains. First try cleaning the sprinkler with the tool provided (if Cascade or Monsoon) and then spray a lubricant into the blanking plug end and the end where the hose is connected.

Leave the sprinkler overnight and allow the oil to drain out (ensure the floor is not damaged and there is no slip hazard caused). Rinse out safely and refit the blanking plug. The sprinkler should now be safe and easy to use.

This can be done at the end of the season when the sprinkler is put away. Please also leave the end plug out and hang it up so that excess water can drain away.

My auto reel does not wind back in all the time. What can I do?

Pull out the entire hose then clean any excess debris from the outside of the hose with a damp cloth.

Now let the hose retract slowly by walking back to the reel holding the end stop. This will allow the hose to layer properly again.

When rewinding the hose always walk the hose back to the reel. Please do not let the hose fly back on its own as it can be dangerous as well as cause damage to the reel.

If you have any other questions please contact us.

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