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Caring for your sprinkler

Sprinklers make a great addition to any garden watering and with Flopro sprinklers you can chose from rotating, pulsating and oscillating to suit your lawns and borders.

As sprinklers have particularly small nozzles they can become clogged by debris or limescale over time. This is particularly the case for oscillating sprinklers as the nozzles are closer to the ground.

Fortunately our Cascade and Monsoon sprinklers have plastic lined nozzles to prevent the build-up of lime scale, but should you find you need to clean the sprinkler – they also come with nozzle cleaning tools (integrated into the product).

In addition, draining and storing a sprinkler while not in use helps to protect it from extreme environments and accidental damage.

If when you first try to use your sprinkler following winter storage it does not function correctly, please first ensure it is empty of water and then use a little lubricant overnight on the nozzles. Please then ensure you rinse the product thoroughly in a safe environment prior to watering your garden again.

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