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WHY choose flopro?

Flopro garden watering products contain a number of unique and superior features compared with others on the market:

Strong internal grips on connectors. The grippers inside the connectors are much longer than leading competitor brands, ensuring that our connectors will not burst off in use.

In the Flopro+ range, both hose connectors and the repairer feature Super Grip functionality with an extended clench mechanism ensuring permanent hose connection.

All Spray Guns have been ergonomically designed using a rubberised material to ensure comfort and longevity in use. They also benefit from single hand flow control and use the toughest material to prevent against damage in storage and in use.

The range consists of 3 hose types: 3, 4, and 6 layer – the more layers you chose the stronger the hose is and thus more resistant to kinks and twists. All of our hoses are flexible and durable, UV resistant and algae resistant, and resilient to temperatures from -10 degrees to +50 degrees.

Garden Watering Products from Flopro

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