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The do's & don'ts of a hosepipe ban, & how Flopro can help you

12 May 2017

Here at Flopro we want to take the stress and worry out of a potential hosepipe ban by running through what the ban would entail and how you can still keep your gardens looking beautiful without wasting water.

The current situation – There are currently no hosepipe bans or water restrictions in the UK

However, following a very dry winter, the driest for 20 years, there are valid concerns about a potential ban in 2017, though this tends to be more likely following 2 very dry winters, which caused the last ban in 2012.

Despite widespread press coverage in the past week and advice on water usage from a few water companies, a hosepipe ban or water restrictions in 2017 still looks unlikely.

Long term weather forecasts by the Met Office suggest the next few months are likely to be above average temperatures and below average rainfall.

The Environment Agency say that a number of rivers and reservoirs were at below average levels for this time of year, but that there were no water supply issues at present.

Flopro will keep you updated!


What does a hosepipe ban really mean?

A hosepipe means you cannot use a garden hose, spray gun or sprinkler for domestic or allotment use while the restriction is in place. You can, however, still water your garden or clean so long as it is with a watering can, bucket or through using drip irrigation which on average saves between 70-90% of water compared with hand watering.

Flopro has a range of irrigation products that you can use during a ban. But why not use them all year around to save water and money while keeping your lawns, beds, borders, plants and vegetables thriving!


Our Plug & Go watering is ideal for pots, containers, hanging baskets, greenhouses, bed and borders. Products are available from all good garden centres:

Pots & Containers Kit- http://flopro-uk.com/index.php?cID=product_79

Greenhouse Kit - http://flopro-uk.com/index.php?cID=product_80

Beds & Borders Kit – http://flopro-uk.com/index.php?cID=product_81

Flopro can also offer you porus pipe which can also save up to 70% water using low pressure to slowly and precisely release water.

Soaker Hose - http://flopro-uk.com/index.php?cID=product_17



How do I check to see if there is a ban in place?

During a ban you should always check with your local water company to see if there are specific rules and restrictions in place.

Anglian Water http://www.anglianwater.co.uk/

South East Water http://www.southeastwater.co.uk/

Southern Water https://www.southernwater.co.uk/

Sutton and East Surrey Water http://www.waterplc.com/index.asp 

Thames Water https://www.thameswater.co.uk/

Affinity Water https://www.affinitywater.co.uk/



What items are we banned from using, and what items are ok to use?

Under previous bans, hosepipe and sprinkler use have been banned, though watering cans, buckets, and drip irrigation are all acceptable forms of watering your garden.

Banned items:

  • Watering a garden or allotment
  • Cleaning a private vehicle using a hosepipe
  • Cleaning private leisure boat using a hosepipe
  • Filling or marinating domestic swimming or paddling pools
  • Drawing water using a hosepipe for domestic use
  • Filling or maintaining a domestic pond using a hosepipe
  • Filling or maintaining an ornamental fountain
  • Cleaning walls, windows or other areas of a domestic premise using a hosepipe
  • Cleaning paths, driveways or patios with se of a hosepipe or pressure washer
  • Cleaning artificial surfaces with a hosepipe


How can I help to save water?

Affinity Water have offered us the below advice -

  • By turning the tap off when brushing your teeth, you can save over 6,500 litres of water per year.
  • A bath can use up to 100 litres, a shower uses about a third of this. However be aware – modern power showers can use more water than a bath if you shower for more than 5 minutes.
  • Choose drought resistant bedding plants such as Alyssum, Geraniums, French and African Marigolds and Petunias or plant perennials such as Aquilegia, Campanula or Heuchera.
  • A garden hose or sprinkler can use almost as much water in an hour as an average family of four uses in one day. Try and use a watering can instead to water your garden.
  • The average roof collects about 85,000 litres of rain in a year! Make the most of the rain that falls during this dry period and install a water butt to help water your garden. 
  • Please note, the above is standard water saving advice given by most water companies and shouldn’t be taken as indicative of a looming hosepipe ban in 2017.

Flopro launch the ultimate shopping experience

9 Jan 2017

Flopro have just launched the ultimate watering shopping experience; ensuring you have everything you need in one place.

The Flopro shop concept has great visual impact in store as well as engaging content to learn about everything watering.

Featured in this shop are the brand new Mult-Function LED Sprinkler, Plug & Go Watering - for the simple approach to irrigation, the exclusive Watering Can Hose Reel 10m and much more!

Head down to your local stockist to find out more stockist locator


New Flopro+ Range

11 Sep 2015

Flopro now gives you the opportunity to shop the range according to your budget and your watering needs. Everything from starter hoses and sets, up to an Elite range of aluminium products for strength and longevity.

Each Flopro range is excellent quality, has easy snap fit connection, is anti-leak and most importantly fits all other major watering bands. All products are made from premium materials and cover all the necessary items you need to start watering.

The Flopro+ range is new for 2016 and includes a new 6 layer Tricot™ reinforced ATS Mesh Hose, ergonomically designed spray guns and a range of fittings with super grip functionality – ensuring a permanent hose connection.

Natalie Searle, Marketing Manager for Crest Garden said “This new range bridges the gap from starter to elite in the most innovative and stylish way possible. The spray guns are all lightweight with one-handed flow control, while the best feature of the connectors is that they ensure permanent hose connection. The new range also includes the new Flopro+ Cube, which will certainly get your attention!”

The new Flopro+ range will be available in stores from February 2016

For more information: click here or find your nearest stockist 

Brand New Flopro+ Cube for 2015

11 Sep 2015

Brand new for 2015, Flopro introduces the first cube shaped auto-retract hose reel into the UK. The Flopro+ Cube is the ultimate in retractable performance. This innovative and stylish wall mounted or free-standing hose reel has an internal stainless steel coil unlike other auto-retract systems, designed specifically for strength and longevity, giving an ultra-smooth retraction.

The Flopro+ Cube is available in either 20m or 35m hose lengths, comes with all connectors, hose nozzle and necessary fittings for either attaching to the wall or stabilising on the ground.

The cube comes with a 5 year guarantee and will be launched at GLEE 2015, available to purchase from February 2016.

Nick Davis, Managing Director for crest garden said “The Cube is compact, easy to use and provides stress free winding of the hose, with minimal effort. We believe this is quite simply one of the most effective and stylish auto-retract systems on the market today”.

For more information: click here or find your nearest stockist 

GLEE 2015

11 Sep 2015

Flopro returns to GLEE Birmingham this year with a number of new products to introduce. Flopro will be showcasing innovative and stylish products from across the range including a new selection of Hose Reels, Accessories and the all new Flopro+ range.

Following GLEE, these products will be coming to garden centres across the country from February 2016.

More: find your nearest stockist 


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