Flopro Hose Reel 25m

Freestanding hose reel – portable and ready to use

25m freestanding hose reel with snap-fit connectors and a spray nozzle. The connectors allow a snap fit to all watering brands.

Freestanding multi-purpose hose reel for general watering ideal for any garden. With 3 layers it provides the quality & flexibility needed for all watering tasks.

This hose set includes:

  • 25m Hose
  • Dual Fit Outside Tap Connector (1/2" & 3/4")
  • Hose Connector
  • Water Stop Hose Connector
  • Watering Nozzle
  • 2m reel to tap connection set

Hose features

  • Flexible
  • UV resistant
  • Algae resistant
  • Pressure: up to 20 bar
  • Temperature range: -5/+45 C
  • 5 year guarantee hose only

Reel features

  • Freestanding
  • Designed to ensure the hose does not twist or kink when winding
  • Can hold up to 45m of hose
  • Ready to use (2m reel to tap connection set included)

Product specification

Hose Length: 25m
Diameter of Connectors and Nozzle: 12.5mm / 1/2”
Diameter of Tap Adapter: 19mm (3/4") with 12.5mm (1/2") insert

Product Code: 70300460

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