YOYO Extendable Hose 20m


The best expanding and retracting hose: Lightweight, innovative, compact and multi-purpose

Flopro recommends YOYO hose because it is a practical heavy-duty garden expandable hose with a brand-new design by Fitt. Turn on the tap and watch as it fills with water – the hose extends to twice its length. Once the water drains away, it retracts back to its original size.


  • It does not twist, kink or tangle
  • Anti-leak
  • Lightweight
  • Space efficient
  • Practical
  • Flexible
  • Comes with one hand flow control Multi-Jet Spray Gun and all connectors to connect straight to tap - READY TO USE
  • Fits all taps and all brands of watering
  • The only repairable expanding hose on the market today (should one of your connectors or the spray gun falter this can easily be replaced rather than having to dispose of the hose)
  • 5-year guarantee


  • 20m
  • Suitable for Garden, Balcony, Car, Camping & Boats
  • Requires 3 bar of pressure to fully extend
Product Code: 70300610

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